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Healthcare Positioning Alignment Workshop

Develop an effective, succinct, and unique positioning strategy for your innovative healthcare business

The Healthcare Positioning Workshop

Do you want to differentiate your healthcare technology, device, software or provider organization from competitors?Do you want to align your solution or healthcare service with your targeted stakeholder?Do you want to create a consistent message to drive business in the form of qualified leads and sales?Do you want to leverage industry insight and expertise to identify your most valuable healthcare stakeholder?


Now, the question is, how do you actually develop an effective positioning strategy to drive qualified sales conversations?It all starts with Positioning Alignment Workshop

I'm Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L (Rafi), practice owner, healthcare marketing consultant, & positioning strategist. Let me help you craft a positioning strategy that aligns your UVP with your target healthcare stakeholder to help you drive business development strategy in those specific healthcare markets.

Value to whom?

Develop an Effective Value Proposition

Different stakeholder perspectives will determine what they consider valuable and the outcomes they seek from healthcare services.By narrowing down "value to whom," you'll have a clearer idea of how your technology, device, software, or service is positioned to solve the problems faced by specific stakeholders in healthcare.

What's Involved?

Who Should Attend?

Decision makers responsible for the performance of major strategic initiatives: Sales,
Marketing, HR, Operations, Product & Service. Sometimes, it may just be the founder/co-founders.

How Long Does it Take & How Much Time is Involved?

Positioning Workshops are scheduled to include two (2) 90-minute sessions. The first session includes the positioning workshop itself. And the second session includes the debrief, review, and next steps.

Positioning workshop-based projects typically take only a week to complete. The workshop is completed, then a follow-up meeting occurs 4-5 days following original workshop date. At that follow-up meeting, final project assets are delivered, reviewed, and if any revisions are indicated, they are completed over the course of 1-2 business days.

How it Works

Typical Healthcare Positioning Workshop Workflow

1. Diagnostic & Opportunity Inventory

We have a brief diagnostic conversation, using data and information from your organization, team’s input, and relate it to industry standards or trends.We start by brainstorming strategic opportunities and challenges for the business, specifically around positioning strategy to target your ideal stakeholder in healthcare. We then prioritize these opportunities based on their respective strategic and financial impact on the business (Financial, Strategic, & Personal).

2. Capabilities & Gaps and Preliminary UVP

Using our greatest opportunities to focus the conversation we’ll discuss current capabilities and GAPS that must be addressed in three critical areas of the Positioning Strategy:
○ What We Do (Service/Product)
○ Who We Do It For (Target Audience)
○ Value We Provide (Business/Strategic Impact for Clients)

3. UVP & Positioning Strategy Development

Following the initial 90-minute workshop, Rafi will compose and develop an initial positioning "deck" of sorts which will identify:○ What You Do (Service/Product)
○ The Problem You Address
○ How the Problem is Solved Today
○ Your Simpler/Cheaper/Easier Solution
○ Why Your Solution is Different, Sustainable, and ties into Greater Industry Trends
○ The Unique Value You Bring to Your Customers & Clients

4. Workshop Debrief & Deliverable Hand-Off

Rafi will deliver a detailed project plan and executive summary (to include positioning “deck”)
in a short (recorded) video presentation and documents via cloud drive. We then schedule a 90-minute session to review the deliverables and discuss any potential revisions or refinement as indicated. Final deliverables are sent 2-3 business days after that meeting.

Why Work with Me?

The real reason you work with someone like me

Objective Advice & Insight

You've tried "healthcare consultants" before. Maybe you've hired an ad agency in the past to help you manage digital marketing, or maybe you've tried your hand at testing out different positioning strategies on your own.Either way, you've been disappointed. Maybe you experienced some early results, but none of it was ever sustainable. Or, like many of my clients, you spent hours of you/your staff's time spinning your wheels.Either way, the reason you're even considering working with me is because you've already made the decision that you need to leverage deep clinical and industry expertise to drive business development metrics.You know you need to tap into and leverage industry experience and a working knowledge of healthcare to move the needle for your organization.And the best way to do that is by working with someone who won't hold back when providing feedback and recommendations.

Focused Knowledge

I don't work with barbers, plumbers, or car dealerships. I also don't work with accountants, lawyers, or restaurants.I work with healthcare organizations. If you're looking for someone to help craft a positioning strategy for your healthcare technology, device or software, and their portfolio includes everything from dog-walkers to real estate agents, you need to find someone else.Healthcare is unique, both in the regulatory restrictions, but also in the nuances of lead generation and conversation. You need someone that focuses only on healthcare.

Knowledge Transfer

Perhaps you've done some work in the healthcare space. Or maybe, you've talked to a few healthcare professionals, clinicians, and/or managers or executives. You've gleaned some insights from these conversations or projects, but haven't walked away with any applicable insights or knowledge that can be used in your innovative healthcare business.That's where I come in. I bring over a decade of experience working on high-level projects across all four of the various healthcare stakeholders (payer, provider, policy-maker, and patient). I work with your team to ensure that those insights are not only communicated to them, but also employed and embedded in your organization's workflows, processes, and positioning strategy.

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Grab a spot on my calendar now to learn how I can help you clarify your positioning and develop a plan for consistent and scalable business development in your chosen healthcare niche.

About Rafi Salazar & Rehab U Practice Solutions

Who am I, and Why Does That Matter?

About Rafi

I am the principal owner of Rehab U Practice Solutions. I started my career as a licensed Occupational Therapist in 2012. After nearly 5 years leading an outpatient specialty rehab clinic at the Department of Veterans Affairs, I began work as an independent healthcare consultant on a multi-million dollar project for the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.During that time, I also began working with independent healthcare clinics & organizations focusing on patient engagement, marketing strategy, innovation, and technology integration with the continuum of care.My career trajectory includes 12+ years of experience in healthcare management, clinical operations, programmatic development, marketing & business development. I even spent some time as an Assistant Professor in a Graduate Program of Occupational Therapy and have served on numerous boards and regulatory committees. I host of The Better Outcomes Show and am the author of the book Better Outcomes: A Guide to Humanizing Healthcare.Today, I help innovative healthcare companies like technology startups, platforms, SaaS companies and provider organizations develop effective positioning strategy and business development plans through my consulting work.I also leverage my experience as a professor and academic to speak and train on the topics around humanizing the healthcare experience, technology-enabled healthcare, value-based healthcare models, and healthcare innovation .

Want a Healthcare Positioning Exploration Call?

It's Free. It's 30 Minutes. And you'll walk away with some insights.

What People Say About Working with Me


Grab a spot on my calendar now to learn more about working with me.

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